Solutions Architecture:

The Krypton team has comprehensive solution architecture expertise of digital solutions that stretch across the full mining value chain

Our areas of Solution Architecture expertise include:

  • Survey
  • Mine Planning
  • Reconciliation
  • Geotechnical Systems
  • Geology Data Warehouses
  • Mobile Technologies
  • High Precision Systems
  • Fleet Management
  • Autonomous Mining
  • Safety and CAS systems
  • Plant MES & Automation
  • Logistics and Rail
  • Simulation Solutions
  • Digital IoT Platforms
  • Mining Communications and Infrastructure
  • Asset Management
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Digital Mining Insight (Analytics)
  • Predictive Asset Management
  • Integrated Operations Centres (IOC)

Digital (IoT) Services:

Digital Transformation by the use of digital technologies to optimize a business process, to provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities with data as an enabler to find new efficiencies.

Our services include:

  • Solution and Information Architecture Services for IoT Platforms (IoT Re-platforming)
  • Digitalisation Programme Management
  • Technology Integrator (Enterprise and OT interoperability)
  • Application of the Incremental Fast Value Approach
  • Digital Road Mapping

Solution Support Services:

Flexible Service Options:

  • Consultative basis
  • Remote support
  • Full-time contracted services including onsite placements (champion)
  • Contract support (CCA’s and SLA’s)

Our Types of Services include:

  • Dedicated on site support and implementation management
  • Ongoing coaching, training, mentoring and development
  • Ownership and facilitation
  • Custom KPI development, tracking, and reporting
  • Monthly reviews with teams and site management to ensure goals are achieved
  • 24 HR Remote Condition Management

Project Management Services for Information Management:

Our Project Management Services assists clients to consistently apply best practice project management principles to break down functional silos, engage stakeholders and ensure our projects are completed within budget, scope and schedule.

Flexible Project Management services:

  • Consultative basis
  • Remotely
  • Full-time service

Project Management services include:

  • Project Scoping, Definition and Planning
  • Realistic Schedule Creation
  • Full Service Project Implementation
  • Project Planning, Tracking, Reporting and Cost Management
  • Project Execution, Integration and Project Administration
  • Project Governance, Audits and Reviews
  • Business Process Management
  • Strategy and Digital Road Mapping

Mine Consulting:

Our mining team can evaluate all aspects and functions of a mining operation and project to develop optimal and conclusive solutions.

Our mine design and planning services extend to simulation of large open pit and underground mining operations, as well as any transition process, including:

  • Mine design, Mining method selection and optimisation
  • Cut-off grade optimisation
  • Extraction rate optimisation and interface with process plants, tailings and waste rock handling systems
  • 3-D optimisation, 3-D planning, sequencing, scheduling and performance evaluation
  • Mine services requirements
  • Life-of-mine activity costing and estimation
  • Support for all phases of both brownfield and greenfield projects from concept to full implementation and ongoing operations support
  • Mine technology review and equipment selection
  • Due diligence studies and benchmarking

Fleet Management Consulting Services

Our Services include:

  • Production data analysis and interpretation
  • Haul cycle analysis, interpretations and simulations
  • Engineering observations and recommendations
  • Recommended dispatching strategy
  • Normalized shovel and truck productivity
  • Queuing versus hang time
  • Maintenance downtime
  • Shift delays
  • Impact of material types
  • Local Best Practice
  • Reporting and definitions

Physical Asset Management & Condition Intelligence

Condition Management conducted by a team of Dingo experts dedicated to keeping your assets healthy and operations running smoothly

  • Daily expert reviews of all condition monitoring information
  • Decision-making informed by database of 6 million observations on over 100,000 critical components
  • Pinpointed maintenance recommendations
  • Action planning and tracking through issue resolution
  • KPI development with customizable reporting & dashboards
  • Ongoing component life assessment and management
  • Access to exclusive troubleshooting guides and benchmarking reports

Simulation, Decision Support and Business Improvement

  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Decision Support
  • 3D Simulation
  • Integrated Operations
  • Trade-off Analysis
  • Monte Carlo Simulation in Mining
  • Theory of Constraints modelling (TOC)
  • Buffer Management
  • Gamification in Mining (Training)
  • Autonomous Mining Simulation

Arial Survey, Scanning & Leak Detection

Our Surveying services include the following:

  • Aerial Surveying - UAV Solutions/Satellite Imaging
  • High Resolution Scanning
  • 3D Modelling and Layouts
  • Leak Detection – Spectral Satellite Technology

Experience in the following areas:

  • Geographical information systems requirements
  • Geotechnical inspections
  • Pipeline and Power lines - Surveying and Mapping
  • Environmental - Topographical surveys and Mapping
  • Stockpile / Dump / Tailings - Volumetric calculations
  • 3D model generation


Krypton, with its partners has immediate access to a numerous datasets and has developed a detailed database (OEM Database) for mining equipment that indicates global benchmarked productivities, costs and performances (Mining Productivity Database).

Dingo offers the world’s largest fleet health benchmarking information database. Decision-making informed by database of 6 million observations on over 100,000 critical components