Mine Sense Solutions

The MineSense Suite is a real-time Fleet and Mine Management System. It utilizes an integrated unit consisting of a ruggedized High Definition touchscreen, GPS, a Wireless radio, and Interface Media to monitor and track mining and other equipment in real time. The data gathered is then transmitted via the wireless network to a central control room from where it is saved into a relational SQL database for reporting and data analysis.

Figure 1: Typical Setup of the Mine Sense Network

The MSS suite of products comprises of:

  • ControlSense® - Next Generation Fleet Management System
  • HealthSense® - Real Time monitoring tools enabling effective equipment health management
  • ReportSense® - Integrated reporting system for planning, operations and processing

The Mine Sense team has extensive world-wide experience using the major Fleet Management and High Precision machine guidance systems as mine operators and managers. This has enabled them to build the best of breed practices into the efficient Mine Sense Solutions for the mining industry.


  • Intuitive Interface.
  • Strong Database.
  • Efficient and affordable.
  • Based on a new generation optimization algorithm and top calibre mining practices.


  • High sensitivity comercial GPS.
  • Electronic sensors carefully selected and strategicall placed in the equipment.
  • Small in-cabin footprint.


  • Adaptable database.
  • High Focus on real time.
  • High adaptability and easily integrated with similar systems.
  • Used of light and strong programming system.

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Cloud-based predictive analytical and workflow management software that distills data down to actions that drive results.

  • Decision support from a proprietary rules-based decision-making engine
  • Workflow Management and open-issue tracking system designed to drive issues to resolution
  • Group Trending to help analyze condition data & improve outcomes
  • Financial tracking to measure the value of decisions being made
  • Customizable reporting and dashboards
  • Data connector library to seamlessly connect with data providers
  • Secure, web-based software
  • Unlimited users for mine site


Condition Management conducted by a team of experts dedicated to keeping your assets healthy and operations running smoothly.

  • Daily expert reviews of all condition monitoring information
  • Decision-making informed by database of 6 million observations on over 100,000 critical components
  • Pinpointed maintenance recommendations
  • Action planning and tracking through issue resolution
  • KPI development with customizable reporting & dashboards
  • Ongoing component life assessment and management
  • Access to exclusive troubleshooting guides and benchmarking reports


DINGO’s maintenance experts will run your condition management systems & processes - allowing you to focus on other vital needs.

  • On-Site Program Management
  • Ongoing coaching, training, and development
  • Work order generation and continued assessment and guidance through issue resolution
  • Ownership and facilitation of all condition and component life management meetings
  • Custom KPI development, tracking, and reporting, supported by monthly reviews with maintenance teams and site management to ensure goals are achieved.

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